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inabox is delivered for 2 meals and above. For Parties and Large Orders, Please contact us on the 03251512 for better Service.

What comes inabox?

With the exception of some basic home essentials like Oil, Salt, Pepper, Sugar… inabox contains all the quality ingredients portioned per persons, washed, prepped and packed to ease you up in the kitchen.
What comes inabox?

Where do our Ingredients come from?

Our ingredients are sourced directly from farmers and active producers. We want you to rest assured and we do make sure all ingredients are handled with optimum care and hygiene. For inquiries, please don’t hesitate to ask us below.

Where do our Ingredients come from?

We Promise

To Contribute to People in Need: In collaboration with the Lebanese Food Bank and Food Blessed we provide nutritious and primary ingredients to people in need.

To Protect our Planet: Boxes are re-collected, recycled and re-produced with Live love Recycle and El Yaman Group. We also offer members an Eco-friendly, All recyclable cooler bag delivery program.

We Promise

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