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  • Pasta Alla Norma

    If you’re taking a trip to Italy soon, that’s amazing. (We’re totally jealous.) But for the rest of us, this Sicilian dish from Catania is the next best thing. Presenting pasta alla Norma with Eggplant, Basil and Pecorino cheese.

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  • Basil Pesto Linguini Parmesan & Pine Nuts and Parma Ham

    An Italian Classic with its roots in Genoa we opted to omit the Garlic in our recipe to allow the Pine Nuts, Basil and Cheese Flavors to prevail. Paired here with Salty Parma Ham this dish is best served with some nice White Wine.

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    Chicken Teriyaki with Shiitake Mushrooms

    Teriyaki is a Japanese cooking technique involving grilling a piece of meat with a sweet glaze. A very popular street food in Japan it is now commonly available on menus across the world.

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  • Daoud Basha

    A much loved Lebanese recipe, Daoud Basha is named after the Ottoman Armenian Governer of Lebanon in the 18th Century. Most likely a favorite dish of his, the Pine Nuts elevate it in taste and stature.

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  • Mediterranean Garlic Shrimp & Rosemary Potatoes

    For Garlic Lovers, this simple but intensely flavorful recipe is brought to you by Tareq. Rosemary, Lemon and Garlic will have your taste buds dancing with pleasure.

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  • Gourmet Portobello Mushroom & Fresh Mozarella Burger

    This meatless Burger will impress you for the meatiness it provides. Surprisingly satisfying when appropriately seasoned and baked in the oven, the Mozzarella and Basil/Tomato Vinaigrette elevates it to a highly pleasurable,  healthy and alternative burger.

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    Spanish Jamon Grilled Peach Salad, Hazelnuts and mixed Greens

    A beautiful and delicious Mediterranean recipe specially prepared by Charbel Hachem. The fusion of Jamon, grilled Peach and Hazelnuts in Light Honey Lemon Dressing makes this a wonderful starter or light evening meal.

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  • Authentic Crispy Chinese Lemon Chicken & Sushi Rice

    This Chinese lemon chicken is crispy battered chicken breast pieces smothered in a sweet and tangy lemon sauce. A remake of the take out classic that tastes just as good as what you’d get in a restaurant!

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    Herbed Chicken in Brandy Mustard and Mushroom Sauce

    A deeply savory and comforting dish, this recipe will woo your guests. Mustard, Brandy and Fresh Thyme are cooked in a chicken broth and elevated with a drizzle of light cream. Serve along some fresh Baguette, you will  need it to wipe the delicious sauce off your plate.

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    Mushrooms, Peas & Ham Tagliatelle

    A savory and easy Pasta Dish with Cooked Ham, Peas and Mushrooms. The White Wine, Chicken Broth and Light Cream will surely impress your Guests. Pairs well with White Wine.

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  • Light Sweet Scottish Salmon with Soya & Herbs Dressing

    A low Carb Japanese recipe brought forward by Hobbyist Cook Charbel EL Hachem. High in Omega 3 and Vitamins this recipe is a healthy & essential dish to enjoy repeatedly.

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    Tagliatelle Bolognese Ragù with Summer Vegetables

    In 1982 the Italian Academy of Cuisine (Accademia Italiana della Cucina), an organization dedicated to preserving the culinary heritage of Italy, recorded and deposited a recipe for “classic Bolognese ragù” with the Bologna Chamber of Commerce. The academy’s version is presented here.

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