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  • Basil Pesto Linguini Parmesan & Pine Nuts, Optional Parma Ham

    An Italian Classic with its roots in Genoa we opted to omit the Garlic in our recipe to allow the Pine Nuts, Basil and Cheese Flavors to prevail. Paired here with Salty Parma Ham this dish is best served with some nice White Wine.

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  • Daoud Basha

    A much loved Lebanese recipe, Daoud Basha is named after the Ottoman Armenian Governer of Lebanon in the 18th Century. Most likely a favorite dish of his, the Pine Nuts elevate it in taste and stature.

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  • Mediterranean Garlic Shrimp & Rosemary Potatoes

    For Garlic Lovers, this simple but intensely flavorful recipe is brought to you by Tareq. Rosemary, Lemon and Garlic will have your taste buds dancing with pleasure.

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  • Tagliatelle Bolognese Ragù with Vegetables and Pancetta

    In 1982 the Italian Academy of Cuisine (Accademia Italiana della Cucina), an organization dedicated to preserving the culinary heritage of Italy, recorded and deposited a recipe for “classic Bolognese ragù” with the Bologna Chamber of Commerce. The academy’s version is presented here.

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    Glazed Honey Soy Chicken Thighs

    A satisfying Asian Chicken Recipe using juicy and tender thighs to elevate your dining experience. Just skip the Chili Pepper if serving to kids.

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    3 Cheese and Wild Thyme Pie

    Another recipe brough to you by Guest Chef Charbel. 3 Cheeses and Wild Thyme baked in the Oven for 20 minutes can be served hot or cold as a main satisfying dish or an all day snack.

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    Chicken Fajita

    Unlike conventional wisdom, Fajita originated in the 1930’s in Texas when Mexican Cowboys started grilling skirt steak strips with onions and peppers in a pan. Practically an obscure dish, it entered into mainstream America only in the 1990’s when Mexican Fast Food outlets started using the word in marketing campaigns and is an integral part of “Tex-Mex” Cuisine.

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    Spring Buzz Salad

    A refreshing and consistent Salad brought to you by Grill and Smoke Master Rodolphe Zaarour to be enjoyed as both a side serving for 4 persons or main meal for two.

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  • Healthy Vegetables Farfalle

    A meatless Pasta cooked in Chicken broth with an array of Summer Vegetables best paired with a glass of White Wine.

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  • Thai Chicken Red Curry

    Spicy Thai Curry Lovers rejoice! A spot on recipe for Thai Chicken with Red Curry Paste. A perfect balance between sweet, spicy and sour. Comfort Food in Bowl.

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  • Baked Chicken Nuggets & healthy Vegetables

    A popular yet a more kid friendly meal version,  we opted for baking the Nuggets instead of Frying them. Same crunchy texture with the Panko bread,  served along with honeyed Vegetables making the whole meal a pleasure and nutritious.

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  • Portobello, Brown & Button Mushrooms with Peas Italian Risotto

    Our Mushroom Risotto recipe is a delicious twist on the classic, using grilled dried Portobello mushrooms for a unique nutty taste with peas and A nutmeg ending. Lovely if also served with Crispy Wine.

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