LBP 18,750 per meal

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Time: Less than 35'
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Ribeye 400 Gr
Your choice of Sauce to Quickly cook
1- Bordelase: Red wine, Rosemary, Onions, Broth, Balsamic
2: Mustard Gravy: with Honey, Onions, White Wine, Broth
3-Mushroom sauce: Pepper corn, Cream, Thyme, Onions
4-Sauce Au Poivre: pepper corn ,Cream, Rosemary

Your Choice of sides ( French Fries INCLUDED )
1- Carrots, Coriander and Light Broth
2- String Beans, Balsamic Pepper
3-Mushrooms Sauteed with Thyme
4-Potato Puree & Pepper corn, Chives

From your pantry

Or Olive Oil ( Light )

Paired well with

Cote du Rhone Parallele 45 white - Jaboulet

LBP 32,000 per meal

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Based on the Viognier grape, the Parallele 45 is made by blending different local grapes from the Rhone Valley. Its seductive nose of pinapple and tropical fruits and its round texture makes it perfect with many types of dishes.