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A delightfully tasty recipe brought to you by creative cooking enthusiast Ricky Dakouny to be enjoyed with a nice glass of sparkling white wine. Octopus might be the star of this dish but it is the culmination of all the ingredients that makes it so satisfying to savor.

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Time: Less than 50'
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Bay Leaf
Swiss Chard 2cm cut
Yellow Onion
Lemon 1/2
Red Onion Finely Sliced
Chickpeas Cooked
Cherry Tomatoes halved
Olives pitted
Chili Pepper chopped

From your pantry

Black Pepper
Olive Oil

Paired well with

Prosecco - Zonin

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Prosecco is Champagne's cooler little brother. Perfect for celebrations but also dishes that requires a little twist. Aromas of fruits and pastry with a fresh and elegant texture.