LBP 16,000 per meal

These and Gluten, Wheat-Free Buns are a delight and a whole Meal Breakfast for kids and adults. Served right out of the Oven, they are crunchy and the Zaatar / Parmesan Blend takes this Experience to a whole new level. Enjoy with Tomatoes and Cucumbers.

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Time: Less than 25'
Nutrition Facts


Fresh Hammour
Tomato Diced
Red Onion Diced
Potatoes Cubed
Olives Chopped
Balsamic Vinegar
Dry Oregano

From your pantry

Olive Oil

Paired well with

Bianco Toscana - Piccini - Italy

LBP 16 per meal

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A staight forward white wine from Tuscany made with Chardonnay and local grape varieties. It is fresh and round with aromas of white fruits and herbs.